Friday, August 29, 2008

We too need A CHANGE

Just look around :
  • Floods in Bihar – a natural calamity or a man-made catastrophe for being irresponsible to our environment ?
  • Jammu and Kashmir – the state hit a new low
  • Communal violence in Orissa
  • Tata Nano project is a project of international relevance. It may our own ‘Ford T model’. But politicians will not allow the project to go beyond personal egos and look at common good.
  • There are other pockets of problems, such as the sign-board issue raised in Mumbai, etc. !!

    What is the root cause ? I think it is failure of our Political Leadership.
    Whose fault ? Our fault. We were irresponsible ; else incompetent politicians would not have been our leaders.
    Solution ? this is not easy. We need to be responsible. Need to feel empowered. Need to wholeheartedly accept Gandhian values such as non-violence, Satyagraha.. BE proactive.
    We can not wait for next election ( panchayat/municipal/state/national) to punish one set of politicians to be replaced with another set in their musical chairs.

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