Thursday, October 16, 2008

Booker for Aravind Adiga

Aravind Adiga has won the prestigious Man Booker award for his The White Tiger.

Michael Portillo, chairman of judges, said the book was an impressive work…’in many ways perfect. It is quite difficult to find any structural flaws with it’.

It is supposed to be about a protagonist who uses any means to fulfill his dream of escaping his village life for success in big city. He is also being criticized for painting a negative picture of modern India and its huge underclass.

I have not read it. Will grab copy right away… (Standby for update !)

At 34, he was the youngest finalist. It was his first novel. Cool… That is very inspiring for lot of people (yours truly included) who dream of writing a book themselves!

What does it take to do A PERFECT JOB ? A perfect job, whatever be the area, is divine... or worthy of Divine Offering !

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