Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jet Airways reinstates employees

Jet Airways is one of the brands I always admired... Not only me, some friends also.
We were happy to move from blue to silver to Gold and finally platinum. Not as a status symbol, but we all genuinely appreciated their quality of service. There were occassions when I felt if their attitude bordered on 'artificial and snobbish' levels. But overall, this brand always delivered quality, consistently. I felt they always had a great team, at all levels and at all customer touch points.

In my previous job, I had the opportunity to interact with some senior managers. I always enjoyed walking into their office at Andheri and interact with them. Later, the contract became a key acquisition and a prestigious account, obviously.

I was surprised to hear about their decision to sack their staff en-masse. Were they under so much of financial stress to take such a decision ? That too, quite 'unprofessional', from a corporate angle. The politicians were quick to interfere. But, I was more surprised to hear 'the emotional decision' of Mr Goyal, to reinstate every one of them. Was it under political pressure ?

Let us hope, 'the best Indian airline 2008", and one of India's best brands tide over this crisis and come out in their true style

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