Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sachin Tendulkar climbs the summit

Sachin reached the pinnacle of test cricket, at Mohali.
Success is about turning stones into milestones… he said this evening, while addressing the press. Indeed… I am delighted. I am happy I could watch the last lap of ‘his journey’.
Harsha Bogle and Ajay Jadeja were at their best in the program anchored by Sonali.

Krish Srikant reiterated how he has remained the same young cricketer he was 19 yrs ago. Along with his cricket-performances, it is this character that endears Sachin to his million fans.
His performance at the crease is supposed to influence the moods of his fans across India and abroad. Harsha went a step further. Just as Sir Bradman was there to inspire the people while they suffered during Great Depression, Sachin’s performances would be like summer showers in present economic scenario, affected by the current eco crisis.
I fully agree with Ajay when he say, ‘Sachin was not under pressure for targets, like bankers’. How true J ! Only a banker, in today’s economic scenario can fully understand !!
Little Master stands tall, full of humility and character, among cricketers of past and present.

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