Friday, February 06, 2009

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Meditation

"Meditation should be performed enthusiastically, withfull faith and care, and strictly according to the disciplineslaid down. If this is done, it will bestow not only allhappiness and all victory but even the vision of the Lord.Therefore, begin meditation, each one ofyou, from today —even from this moment!"-Dhyana Vahini ch.1 p.8

Krishna told Arjuna that....while meditating the body should not touch the earthor another body. This is because contact with the earthmakes the individual lose the divine current generatedin him during meditation.
Meditation will be more meaningful if desires arecurtailed. Less luggage, more comfort make travel apleasure; fewer desires make the journey of life easierand happier."-- Summer Showers in Brindhavan 1979 p.117
"Everyone has the right to achieve this high degree ofsuccess (in meditation). I do not say this in just a quiet tone; I declare thisloud enough for all quarters to hear. Knowing this, meditateand advance! Do meditation and progress! Realise the Atma!"Dhyana Vahini -Ch.2

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