Friday, February 06, 2009

IPL auction 2

It is again auction time... yet again.
  • 'Auction' of sportmen is still not palatable, as I posted last year ( American elections, Lincoln... all top of mind and hence more linkage to 'slavery' ??)
  • More celebrities enter.. with Shilpa Shetty, etc. and the glamour quotient :)
  • Mortoza going for 12 times the initial level indeed is the proof of celebrity ego, I feel.
  • Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen goes for top two bids, ahead of last year's topper, MSD
  • King of good Times, owner of Bangalore team, has to put up with KP and another player, whose alcoholic affinity would make it interesting. Mallya might see the value of a professional like Rahul Dravid, when he has to handle these players now!

The sportsmen suddenly see their future more secured and I am happy for them. . .But I still have the nagging feeling, the 'sport' is moving away from its core values! Lalit Modi, BCCI, former cricketers....are you listeing ?

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