Thursday, February 12, 2009

India win T20 match at SL

What a match ! what a win !!
The match had all the usual masala of a T20 match indeed. The big names failed to fire. It was left to the Pathan brothers to raise their game to a new level and ensure the win. Hats off to the Yusuf and Irfan!

Earlier, SL pulled off a win in the last ODI. India lost the toss and failed to win the match !!! Was the toss crucial throughout the series ? Why was Sachin 'rested' in both the last two ODI? We have been unable to get to view the master play ? The team management is guilty of this. Not fair. Wonder what would be Sachin's state of mind as he takes guard in NZ! Let Dhoni and team management remember, NZ will be a different ball game altogether.

Sachin has volunteered to stay out of T20 team. We, the common cricket fan, would like to see more of him. But respect his decision. To quote Sachin, Tendulkar also said that the good show of the Indian team, in a way, acts as a balm for the countrymen in these difficult economic times. I fully agree...lacs of other cricket fans too...

Indian cricket is on track. Let these small glitches be avoided in true sportsman spirit.

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