Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Neo Sports' dANUBE Lizards ad

I love wordspace for its continuous music, no commercial or gyaan-baazi. We do not have such luxury with cricket telecasts, these days.
But this hit a new low when Neo Sports started telecasting some sub standard ads.
While Western Money Union is a good commercial, all their other commercials have been quite 'painful'! The ads on tissue paper, masala from Adil, etc...
The new Danube ad featuring lizards is UNBEARABLE. My family insists on changing channel, not even 'mute-ing', whenever the ad is telecast.
The joy of a wonderful match is robbed by these below par commercial.
Is it not the responsibility of a channel to ensure the total telecast/product/package is worthy of a VIEWER-DELIGHT !

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