Sunday, June 28, 2009

Board Exam for 10th Std

The new HRD minister, Kapil Sibal, has kicked up a debate on this hot topic.
He has held the bull by its horn.
One of the strengths of our country is its education and the value we accord to education.
  • One of the first quotes that I read and internalised at the beginning of my early school-days was, 'vidhya dhanam sarva dhanaal pradhanam', in my mother-tongue (mallu!), crudely tranlated the most important wealth is the wealth of knowledge.
  • Years later, towards the end of my student days, I evolved to more encompassing quotes: Education is for Life, not for living and The end of Education is Character - Sri Sathya Sai Baba
  • But all along I was haunted by the need to memorise, and vomit at the exams.Every board exam was a nightmare.
  • A lower middle class back ground ensured education was given the most important part responsibility and every other activity was linked to classes, exams and performance. While I excelled in all extra-curricular activities and enjoyed thoroughly, as I moved up the education-ladder, I had to give up my interests and focus on studies. Given a choice, I would have been happy to be a musician, sportsman, writer.... anything other than a banker, that I am!
  • No regrets... More0ver, I believe in Karma...
  • But, my only child enters 9th std, he is forced to get into the same 'junior-rat-race'. As a parent, it is my dream he pursues a profession of his choice and dreams... Thank God, I can afford it!
  • But, with our education system remaining unchanged over the decades, can he ???
  • It is in this context, Kapil Sibal's announcement is most exciting. I hope, he and his government takes it forward and implement immediately. WE NEED TO FREE OUR CHILDREN FROM THE PRESSURES OF XTH BOARD EXAMS... We have suffered, let us ensure our children are rescued !


Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Good post Subash.

I am not sure what is the intention of the honourable minister, though... I am quite happy if there are enough options and seats to cater to every single childs preference and aspirations..

Speaking of education (my favourite topic), I would really support reintroduction of Sanskrit as a compulsory language and other
traditional subects like Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyothish Vidya, Vastu
Shastra, Puraanas, Classical music etc. as optional subjects. what do you think ?


Sridhar said...

Hi Subashji,

Getting rid of board exam is good move. But there are other aspects of the system that need to be tuned.For instance take the case of IIT JEE. Kids are preparing from grade 8. It seems other than school hours they have to spend 4 hrs atlaeast a day in IIT coaching class every day. Kids cram / swallow science / math for 3 to 4 years.There should be weightage for social work / arts / sports / soft skills . This will ensure all round development of a kid.


SUBS said...

I agree, every child should be able to pursue his dream. Education should guide him to identify his dream and help him/her...

we should provide the students to study our traditional subjects. This is critical to inculcate our own values ( and not blindly copy western values)

anjana said...

Well written & i totally agree with you. But it is yet to be seen whether this proposal remains on-paper or our honourable Union HRD Minister will do something to realise the dream of millions, of not having to go through the grind of board exams.
I also feel, 10th is too early for the child to give public exams.

Present Government is in the right direction & my best wishes to Mr.Kapil Sibal, he needs loads of that.