Monday, June 22, 2009

West Bound

20 June: I have hit the western coast...sea side is beautiful!

As I walked across the corridor to the last room in the floor, my heart missed a beat!! Did they allot me a suite ? Afterall, I am a proud memeber of their loyalty program. It turned out to be a room, next to the royal suite ( though nothing royal about my room - with an extra door separating the suite and my room, my room is more of a servant-quarters, from the location point of view !!)

The view from 7th floor room ! The sea is majestic. ( I hope with all the impact on environment by us, irresponsible inhabitants, the world remains beautiful and majestic for many more future generations)

Some things don't change (yet!). Why such premier properties don't respect my vegetarian preference for food. (If all these hotels got together and had more veg food, they will be making this world 'greener'. )

Then the preference was to get a good night's sleep, ahead of class room sessions next day ( quite tough to sit quietly and listen!)

Late into the night, I was rudely awakened when someone walked into my room.... !!! I heard the noice and immediately sat up. For a moment, I thought it was a dream! ( I am not into noctambulation!!) But the 'intruder', looked quite a gentleman and not one of those filmi-villians, was equally shocked to see me and made a quick exit ! Indeed, I had forgotten to put the additional latch/lock! I got up, locked up and got back. Then I realized, I was a bit shaken !! It was 0230 hrs of 21 June ! A day I will not forget too soon...

As suggested by friends, made a complaint at the 'guest services' counter of their loyalty program,three times over next two days. They have been religiously noting down the complaint, and not giving any satisfactory feedback.

Again, after sometime, I heard someone calling out, for over ten minutes. I had no choice to get up and check out. It was room-service trying to feed the occupants of the adjoining suite... at 0330 hrs !!! The room-service guy forgot there could be occupants in the servant quarters also ! How insensitive :(

At 53o hrs, my alarm woke me up for the third time! I had forgotten to change my weekly alarm at 530 hrs !!!

So, off to a poor start, borrowing sports-language. Things can only improve from here !

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