Saturday, June 13, 2009

Racist attacks in Australia

The frequency of attacks on Indian students is increasing by day. My thoughts.......(food for thought for the Indian students Down Under):
  • It is sad so many of our youngsters have to go abroad... a clear failure of our politicians/govts...
  • They go for different reasons - to join courses/course-combinations of their choice/low marks do not help here/job related courses like hotel management, etc...
  • They, not only get to acquire degrees, but also pursue their dreams beyond. Brain-drain for our country!
  • The students acquire the value system of that society, quite different from ours. If they come back, they may bring back elements thereof... :(

One thing the students should not forget is we are in their country. Even if the hosts do not treat students like guests ( 'athithi devo bhava!!!), whatever the provocation, we should exercise restraint. Not easy to implement, but Gandhigiri won't be a bad idea. The students should collectively ensure better protection for themselves, with good help from Indian community, our offices there and Australian Govt.

Needless to add, Australian Govt has failed miserably to protect the seekers of knowledge...

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