Saturday, June 27, 2009

A tribute to MJ

The world woke up to the shocking news of the death of M J. It marks an end to an era in the history of world music . Yes, his music was universal. He brought out one of those paradigm-shifts in the musical world. He will be lovingly remembered for his contributions to music. His 'Thriller' had a universal 'thrilling effect'
While Beatles and others belong to another era, MJ was our contemperory. He was at his peak when we were growing up. I was personally not into the fast-paced western music, but more of the original Hindustani/Carnatic music or ghazals. But there were so many friends who were die-hard M J fans. So, it was always part of the growing up years....
Watching the young MJ on CNN I wondered... He had a very unique boyish charm, he was different. The innocence, the confidence, and of course the exceptional talent, were very evident even at the beginning of his musical journey. I wonder when and how did he lose those characteristics!! He came to be known for his controversies, eccentricities, debt, etc. Sadly he was unable to fulfil his promise to his thousands of fans for 'one last stage performance'!
He will always remembered as a musical genius... May his soul rest in peace...

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