Monday, August 30, 2010

Betting in Cricket

Sadly the monster is back with renewed vigor ! Just when Pakistan is struggling to recover from the nature's fury, this man-made fury. According to reports, the victims of the catastrophe is denied urgent help as the donors world over are not sure the help would reach the needy...Corruption ! ! ! These cricketers had donated one-day pay for the flood victims.
Reacting to the expose, one of the 'respectable' former cricketer from England mentioned, 'with the ICC moving from West to East, this was bound to happen'. BBC correspondent spoke about corruption in Indian sub-continent.
While the Pak cricketers are caught in this, others' role can not be ruled out, East or West !
Sadly, even in this century, corruption is getting increasingly institutionalized, more in Indian sub continent, but also world over.
You can always blame it on credit crunch or 'Kali Yuga'. But, ethics in personal & public life is hitting a new low... Tiger Woods is a sad example on 'personal' values. Common 'wealth' games related corruption allegation  in India...

A friend shared...his son, in his tweens, is just getting hooked on to cricket! But every now and then, watching any cricket telecast, he would ask,' dad, is this game fixed?' And my friend would invariably say, emphatically, 'Not at all' !!! (He can't do that any more.) Even before he picked up the nuances of the game, he is aware of match-fixing and highly suspicious, feels father !

And, Cricket used to be a gentleman's game....

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