Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bengaluru Travelogue

Bangalore International Airport was just great, comparatively. It was a good decision to shift it from HAL to way beyond even suburbs of this IT City. The way builders are lining up along the national highway, very soon the difference between city & airport will pale. I hope & pray the big brands from real estate will have the foresight to retain the green, unlike the (garden) city, with reduced green cover.
I still wonder, why was a rail-connectivity not planned as part of the project. Worth providing it even now, just to speed up and a better travel, compared to the efficient Volvo buses’ connectivity by RTC. The railway line goes along the NH, so it will be easier to link, compared to a very expensive option to extend the newly inaugurated ‘Namma Metro’. As we stepped out, the weather was so beautiful, inspiring!

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