Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Puttaparthi, in its glorious spiritual splendour

'Puttaparthi Loses Grandeur'

I was quite amused to read this report. My immediate thought was, 'ignorance is bliss' ! Or, may be 'not spiritual ignorance' !?

A photo of the sleepy village in 1970s ! Today, it is township which can boast of visitors from over 170 countries.....! Yes, the villagers from the area may see a slight dip on their economic front. But devotees of Sai need not worry of 'roti, kapda & makaan'... check out with His devotees, millions in over 170 countries.  Also, may be time to focus on the higher levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs??

Yes, the township is reflection of the world. As such some of the global economic effects will 'reflect' too ! But not to worry, the holiest among places will lose no grandeur :) For the grandeur of the spiritual destination will shine forth... yes, we, the recipients of His love & grace,   have a responsibility to reflect His values in our Living SSpiritually

He was never woriried about external paraphernelia or 'grandeur'... all that we see was what His devotees wanted. He wanted to give drinking water, education, medical service, etc... all free. 

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