Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sai's Empire Soul

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 You travelled 11 years ago, ( frm Hyd?). I travelled in 1988 to Puttaparthi, in a APSRTC bus. I was a non-believer, 'rational'  ( & at 22 yrs, just out of Nizam College, egoist, looking back!)

I wanted to become a journalist, even appeared in Osmania University's entrance.You are a man of words, as such all comparisons end there :)

As for becoming a journalist, my dad was unusually emphatic in saying 'No', though he allowed me to reject his career-ideas for me:  fauji, like him, or an engineer, to become banker.

As I sat on the sands for my first Darshan in June 88, I was a casual visitor. Then a Sai Student.
I have been most fortunate to see, learn and experience His love & blessings... Yes, He has given me a ring & a watch, my only attachments now. ( Today, I can thankfully afford the best brands, but nothing can match these two precious gifts - that helps me in practising one of His teachings, 'Ceiling on Desires').

When He becomes the fulcrum of my very existence, the experience can not be explained in words... the journey becomes truly blissful, spiritual. ( I am happily married, rate my parenting experience next only to my experience with Sai, enjoy best of relations with all my close relatives !)

And, He was not just a Hindu. He was above religions.
Yes, He opted to leave His body like a ordinary human being, after a brief illness. There is a message in all that, just as 'His life was His Message'.

We need to continue to enquire & explore, with humility... things will be clear and fall in place. That is the true spiritual journey...

Wish you alll Happy Journey !

Love All, Serve All..... Help Ever, Hurt Never - Baba

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