Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ritualistic sadhana

Very often our sadhana becomes a routine or a mere ritual. We find so many people around us do it, along with ourselves. The moment it becomes 'mechanical', perhaps the very purpose of Sadhana is defeated. 

The challenge is to have a high level of 'intent', every time we do any form of sadhana. 
Better still, every moment
In case of latter, we will be more tuned towards the Divine. 

So, the next time we set up the altar, light a lamp or incence, sit down to chant/pray/meditate and when we try to connect, a high level of intent, focus and love will help up connect better.

Spiritual practices must be done sincerely, with a full sense of responsibility. It must not be reduced to empty routine. Realize that to visualize the Lord as the resident in all and as responsible for everything is the hallmark of devotion.
- Baba - Divine Discourse, Sep 26 1965.
(Sai Inspires from Radio Sai 16 Aug 2012)

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