Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sri Sathya Sai Center at Singapore

Got the opportunity to visit Sai Center @ Singapore, spend few 'ssilent' moments. 
Hopefully will get to attend bhajans next time, Swami-willing! 

As my cab reached the Center, looking at the structure, the cabbie said, "Oh this church?" 
I was in a reflective mood & hence did not correct him. Wanted to tell him, it was not a Church. But then, it was also a Church. It was also a temple, mosque and everything synonymous.

I wondered what is my 'Sarvadharma-quotient' ?!! 
We are the torch-bearers of the legacy of Swami's Sarva Dharma Principle.
Afterall, Swami said, 'Your life is My Message'. 

Today's Sai Inspires from Radio Sai:

In the Geetha, Krishna said to Arjuna, “I am the witness; through Me, this conglomeration of the five elements called Universe, all these moveable and immoveable objects, are formed. Whatever the name or form worshiped, I am the Recipient; for I am the Goal of all. I am the only One. There is no Other. I Myself become the Worshipped, through My many Names and Forms. Not only this, I am the Fruit of all actions, the Bestower of the Fruit, and the Prompter. To realise Me is indeed liberation. He is the Jivanmuktha (liberated even while alive) who attains that realisation. Arjuna, if one yearns to become a Jivanmuktha, one has to eradicate fully the attachment to the body.”
- Geetha Vahini, Ch 18.
Courtesy - Sai Inspires, 26 Aug 12

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