Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Save Water

Sairam to all

Greetings from Singapore ! I am here to learn, once again :) 

Though I had travelled up to Malaysia earlier, this was my first trip to S'pore. And truly, 'the world is mysterious for my intelligence to grow !' Truly Singapored !  

One of the things they do so well is to maintain environment. 

I feel our responsibility towards environment is as important a sadhana, like any other spiritual-activity. 

We have seen how Swami ensures no water/electricity/energy wasted at all. He would switch on the fan in the interview room after all have assembled. He would always switch off the fan before He steps out . He would not waste anything, though everything is in Him

All the more reason not to waste water... To love environment, to be thankful to the trees around us. 

If Swami's devotees across the globe became more conscious about environment, we can bring about a big change ! 

Let us sincerely love our environment & do all possible at our personal level to protect environment... 

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