Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back from Vacation

Back form vacation....India just got a bit more 'Incredible', I feel !

Mumbai got torrential rains. That meant, I ventured out less. But, thanks to rain-Gods, all lakes were overflowing.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the floods in Pakistan. It is time, the world woke up to this and extend maximum possible help.

Talking of natural disasters, it was shocking to see the extend of devastation in Leh.

As natural disasters are becoming a regular affair, we become less sensitive...nature has its own way of 'reacting'! And, we still debate on climate change. I pray for our children, future generations...hope they will forgive us for the damage we do to 'their' environment, which we have just borrowed from them.

With no family yet here, internet 'immobile' at home, Indian cricket just not worth-following/hence not re-connected TV.... checked out TED ( thanks to IPhone, it works even without internet!)

From creativity, Shekhar Kapur led his 'TED' to 'Water'...how rich waste, as clean water gets increasingly scarce... check out

While the rich ( in Malabar hill, et al) will spend extra time washing himself, for the poor in slums water is a mirage...As a child, I dreamt of having a grand bath tub at home. Now, as I stay in some of best hotels, I don't use bath tub, as I want to minimise wastage. May be when I am in Kerala, would try out ponds...

I finished washing clothes, this eve. For records, I do not use the rinse option at all.  One of the ways I try to save water. Need to do more...

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