Friday, August 27, 2010

Mozhi-tamil movie

Almost a year ago, heard the songs from tamil movie, MOZHI. Liked the songs...would have heard them over, many times...while driving esp & singing along :) ...Katrin mozhi by both male & female and also other songs were very melodius, meaningful and hummable...When another friend, a trained carnatic musician and hence better informed about music, shared similar thought about the songs, I realized I was not alone in admiration. He in fact downloaded all songs sung by the male singer ! Vidyasagar just superb.

Another friend, who shares similar tastes when it comes to movies, confirmed the movie was very good. Watched the movie last evening...( official CD, not pirated !)

Lovely musical film...simple comedy, typical tamil movie comedy...Prakash Raj rocks, his laughter is contagious! Prithviraj, one of the top malayalam actors does justice to the role... Support actors such as the CA-secretary do a good job. The professor comes up with a great performance. Jyothica was brilliant... She got a dream role and she lives the role...

The world of the deaf/dumb, blind is so different from that of ours. We can't even visualise it.

We will appreciate the movie more if we have/know of people who have gone thru such experiences...I know of a couple...lady lost hearing much after their wedding. But the way husband takes care and the way they communicate...I admire the family. Now grand parents, God has since then showered His blessings profusely on the family...

DO watch it...with family. Official CD's are out now ! You will laugh, you will almost cry, you will sing...and, you will not feel guilty of wasting time !

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