Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Movies

Cadillac Man
Decided to watch it, as I thought it will be something about cars ( 'Cadillac'). With a younger Robin Williams, I thought it could be at least watch-able ! Though he plays the role of a car salesman, nothing more...At the end of it, it was not about cars, salesman- funda, funny nor any where near ' Negotiator'!!! Waste of time...

Daddy Day Care [UMD for PSP]

Next attempt was Daddy Day Care..the 2003 film about two guys who lose jobs ( perhaps more relevant today, after 7 yrs!) and decide to start a day care for kids! Simple comedy, but watchable, thanks to Eddie Murphy and kids...A message for people losing jobs? Bloomberg reported skilled labour such as plumber/carpenter etc are in great demand, but people are reluctant to enter such fields...There is enough opportunity for the innovative lots...

Watched second part of hindi hit movie, 'BAGHBAN', starring superstars, Amitabh and Hema Malini. Would recommend only second part of the usual, long hindi movie, just to get into the plot. The veterans come up with brilliant performance, supported by dependable Paresh Rawail and Lillette Dubey, etc. Too much of
drama, but the theme is universally relevant. As life expectancy improves, the elders are not being taken care. It is universal duty or Dharma to take care of elders. Must watch... 

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