Monday, August 02, 2010

Friendship Day with a difference -Shekhar Sen's 'Kabeer'

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I have been seeing the ads of Sri Shekhar Sen's musical, mono act plays. Never heard anyone in my friends' circle mentioning about same, unlike film-previews! Have been planning to go for the show, for a long time. But, last couple of vacations, could not get suitable schedule. As such, this time when I saw the ad on ToI, I went ahead to call & book tickets. On the friendship day, after catching up with two friends' families, we proceeded to ISKCON for the 8 pm show....Kabeer. A quick Darshan @ ISKCON and we entered the hall 10 minutes before time.

Sri Sen has selected three characters from recent history - Kabeer, Vivekananda and Tulsidas. They all have contributed immensely to Indian ethos and culture, by challenging the status quo and inspiring people to move ahead, SSSpiritually. They were true heroes..

Time management was perfect, starting at 8 sharp, exactly 10 minutes 'interval'!

The performance was truly mesmerizing. The simple stage/setting, superb light & sound effect and great performance by Sri Sen. Kabir had over 40 songs, and over 40 ragas. He would effortlessly switch from the role of a weeping mother, assertive young Kabir, kind wife, smart children and other roles, including the king ! The message was very thought provoking just as the life of Sant Kabeer.

The auditorium was packed. We were in the inspiring company of some professional artistes themselves.

The whole experience was truly SSSpiritual !

Would strongly recommend all my friends, esp those living in Mumbai, 'Must See' rating. One play is worth over 100 bollywood movies

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