Friday, July 01, 2011

Fame Hungry Children in TRP Maze

Saw a report how 'fame-hungry children are driving the reality TV boom in India !!

  • fame hungry children ?? - surely not children, their parents are fame hungry
  • reality TV - if TV is bad, reality TV is sadly bad ! 

I remember the great actor, Kamal Hasan, once mentioning how he missed out on the joy of childhood, as he was an actor already! MJ is perhaps another example. Tiger Woods... ??

We should allow children to be what they are. Help them, facilitate their initiatives, allow them to dream & experiment, support them even if they fail.... A music teacher recently lamented how they are killing music through these programs. Children taste early success and most of them do not go  beyond that... No training or sadhakam.We may not get a Pt Jasraj or MS. S in future, courtesy Reality TV !!

This morning I read The Master's advise to mothers ( parents) : to mould character and give quality education (educare). 
Beyond that, we are depriving children of the joy of childhood.

Sadly, it is all TRP Game !!

* Fame-hungry children driving India's reality TV boom!!!

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