Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Few TVC on Indian channels... View from Desert ( Middle East)

UMEED se saje zindagi....Zee Tv : so well done. Children acted so well, good visuals. I hardly tune in to that channel, except their Arabic movie channel - that amusing mismatch of visual & Arabic Dialogues!! Arab-Colleagues here, who restrict their Bollywood exposure to such channels, think we are quite primitive in our film-making... Some do watch DVD with sub-titles... They know Amitabh as the angry-young man of tester years. Of course they do not know we have a RAJNIKANTH !!

Watched the ad on Ten Cricket. If this series is boring without Sachin & Sehwag, their own ad is offensive...the only good part is the punch-line..."Life is Cricket'...

But the Danube ad is below average on quality & sad with an interruption after every over !!

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