Friday, July 22, 2011

Live SSpiritually - Checklist 1

I have been thinking what contributes to Live SSpiritually and vice-versa ! The opposite situation is 'flawed spirituality'!!

Daily Meditation is the most important aspect of living SSpiritually. Else we are not just 'living'.

If we are able to sit & meditate, we are at peace with ourselves and with the outside world.

If we are able to do it day after day, we have our priorities right. God comes first... and punctuality in 'sadhana' is the best example of getting our priorities in life right. ( An area I need to improve!)

If we are able to concentrate, we are on the spiritual path. Else, surely not... whatever the technique of meditation, if we are not able to concentrate, breathe rhythmically, sit for at least 20 minutes... we are yet to pick up the basics.

If we are able to meditate well, we are healthy. My fitness efforts are now directed, with prayers for grace, so that I can focus better on sadhana & meditation. Else, I find it difficult to focus. All the more reason to hit treadmill !

Lastly, once we go up the meditation curve, we will be able to retain that mental status for longer duration, through out the day, even while we are on our daily activities... That bestows peace !

Let us meditate !

PS : For previous posts on meditation, just 'google' meditation on this blog !

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