Thursday, July 21, 2011


Edited version!

I thought I should not pick up on specific brand, hence deleted the snap ! ( but the risk caused by junk food on health of self and environment remains :(

Picture deleted 
(Source -unknown)
Got this as one of the mail forwards...sharing one, out of over 20. I felt this very powerful message.

Had recently seen a friend 'Like' 1000th Pizza outlet in India, on Facebook ! I was shocked to note so many children and elders will be eating 'wrong' :(

I don't hate Pizza, my son loves it. But, what is important is to 'be aware'! We owe it to ourselves as we believe our physical body is the temple of God and it is our responsibility to take care... Let us be aware this is a critical part of parenting !

Let us EAT RIGHT....

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