Friday, March 16, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar's 100th Ton

Sachin has completed the formality, of scoring his 100th ton, finally !

Friday in the Middle East, with budget-analysis on NDTV & Sachin's batting.. what a way to spend the week end! Especially, with the impact of the dust-storm still visible ! 
If the Union Budget was quite lacklusture, thankfully the Master blasted his ton. 

More than him, his fans ( yours truly included) would be relieved. 
Many of us felt he should have retired at 99 tons or after the world cup win, more like Bradman with his test-average of <100. 
Thankfully, he stayed on to score his ton. 

He got into a bit of tension once he reached 80's. He looked very emotional once he crossed the milestone. 

That shows he was afterall a human being. I always liked that aspect of the Master. 'Being Humane' ! 
His attitude, work-ethic, simplicity etc makes him more popular among his fans, along with his cricketing skills, & records!

Agree with Sunny Gavaskar - we are fortunate ....

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