Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Reco

Just back from a short trip to India.
Short trip, but SSpiritually re-charged, big-time !! :)  ....As always.

Let me share one of the best take-aways from the trip - the latest best seller at all leading book stores.

I was recommended by a friend. But could not get it, 'sold out' was the smiling response at book stores!
Divine Grace, I managed to get it through a friend, who travelled from Mumbai.
If you have enjoyed An Autobiography of a Yogi by Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, then it seems, you will love this. ( That is one book I have read more than once!) Even otherwise, this is a must read.

The book - APPRENTICED TO A HIMALAYAN MASTER - A Yogi's Autobiography. By Sri M

I am 'recommending' even before I have read. But it was reco by a friend whom I trust. Moreover, 'it is moving like hot-cake'. Grab a copy & read...

PS : The image on back-cover of the book is similar to the photo on this blog appearing today....12 Mar 12! That also prompted me to share this piece of info.

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