Sunday, March 11, 2012

Discipline in Meditation

'Resolve to master the senses through meditation and follow it steadily, systematically and regularly, at a stated time and place, without changing them as the whim takes you.... Baba '

Courtesy - - Sai Inspire for the day (12 Mar 12) from RadioSai

An inspiring quote on meditation... But sharing, because of the stress on following 'steadily, systematically & regularly, at a stated time & place...'
I have received this thought from multiple sources in the recent past. It seems, when we stick to a strict & specific schedule, 'GOD will be waiting for the devotee'! 

Surprised?! Not at all. That is Divine Love & Grace. 

Worth testing !


Ramana Kumar said...

Meditation has been on my 'to do' list for some time. Thanks for the reminder !

SUBS said...
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SUBS said...

You are already doing meditation, in one of your own ways.

BTW, check out some thoughts of Dr Sola on Souljourns @ Vimeo