Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taare Zameen Par

Had written a post after watching 3 Idiots!! Movie ! Felt very good... Had liked the book by Chetan Bhagat immensely too.

Watching the second half of 'Taare Zameen Par'. Kudos to Amir Khan, for making such a great movie.

Painting competetion now on @ amphitheater !

Drawing & painting remain areas where I just could not exhibit any telent at all.... But remains 'jack of all, master of one' ! But I think parenting remains an art very close to my heart.

Hope all parents & all elders watch this superb movie & be better human beings, identify Divinity in every child

God Bless

PS : Recently a close friend shared an opportunity 'to make a difference'. It was to support the musical talent of two boys, from economically poor background. My first thought was, I must confess, 'should we not support the basic necessities, rather than support their extra-curricular aspirations?', though I remain an eternally aspiring to become a singer !!

Then, I realised, 'who am I to judge?' I shared with few of my friends, who were inclined towards music, et al, who may be keen to take up this (cheque-book) philanthrophy opportunity :)

One of them came forward & picked up the entire opportunity ! But the thought remained, 'should we not support the roti/kapada/makaan/education & health of the needy children?'

Watching the painting competetion in 'Tare Zameer Par', I realised : For a child who loves painting, colors & canvass are more important than anything else. Similarly, for these two boys who are musically inclined, 'sapta-swaras' (7 notes of music) are more important than anything else.

Afterall, The Lord is GANA-PRIYA!

Indeed, 'The world is still waiting for my SSpiritual intelligence to grow' !!



Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Indeed, who are we to judge? Very often, we think of ourselves as some superior being capable to decide what is right and good for others.. Humility is very important even when we are doing a service or charity.. Excellent post as usual :-)

Subbu said...

Very appropriately said - we should encourage, where the child could excel. If you can watch 'Dhoni' the Tamil movie by Prakash Raj - fantastic concept - how the schools build pressure on the children and the parents.

SUBS said...

Dhone - Not out, right ?
Shall check out, thanks