Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 2

One more interesting day at IPL. Experts such as Sunny or Shastri would add, 'cricket is a great leveller' !
  • Deccan chargers has humbled one of the favourites, quite comfortably
  • Gilchrist and team deserves all the kudos for the fantastic effort. Also, local boy Gibbs.
  • All the ideas of multiple captains.... ? SRK can shed some tears now
  • The way VVS started off, I thought one more of FAB 4 would deliver today!
  • Viru and Gambhir went about the task of demolishing the Punjab outfit. I look at them as one of the favourites.
  • I repeat this is going to be IPL of class players, Sachin, Dravid, Gambhir, VVS, Saurav, Kumble, Zahir and Bhajji.... of course Viru too. All others will have difficulty to adapt themselves to the challenging conditions in S A.
  • It is a coincidence all three teams owned by Bollywood biggies have lost their first matches.

KKR captain went on record with NDTV, he would like 'the cheerleaders' to be off the format. A cricketer from NZ does not appreciate the idea. There are whole lot of fans who share the view. I fully agree too. The concept of cheerleaders is a bad idea. Pls withdraw...

PS : WHY ICC has refused to approve ICL ? This is Mafia-type administration. Cricketers should remember, for the sake of Cricket, then should push ICC to veto the pressure tactics of BCCI and approve ICL. ICC owes it to the cricket lover.

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