Friday, April 24, 2009


  • Rajasthan Royal pulled off a dramatic win over KKR
  • Hats off to the Captain Extraordinaire, Shane Warne. Players like Warne enrich IPL by his game and captaincy. Youngsters in the team, Yusuf Pathan and 'Tornado' would have learnt a lot from the great experience.
  • Even before the game started, my heart wanted Rajasthan Royal to win. Primarily because they are the defending champions and come out as a well-knit team. We all love the idea of a 'non-interfering boss', in all areas - at home, office, social settings...Shilpa Shetty, in the presence of Warne, made that statement!
  • Can other teams claim that ? At least KKR, Kings XI, Bangalore-team... ?
  • AJ rightly pointed out on NDTV about the (was it?) faux pas ... both KP and Yuvi. How can a captain be unsure of his playing 11 ??? This is a big let down and I blame the format of IPL too...
  • While I am happy for Warne and team, feel sad for Dada. He almost reached the milestone, but was not able to guide the last mile...:(
  • Last, but not the least... Birthday Greetings to Sachin. We are fortunate to be his contemperories !

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