Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mumbai, pls step out and vote

Sad to note the initial turn out at Mumbai is very low. Not fair :(
In spite of all efforts by celebrities, press, e-channels and others, the voter turn out is low.
It is too early in the day. But Mumbai starts the day early. For sake of elections, Mumbai should have started early and not like another holiday. May be organisations/government/etc should make it mandatory to employees to exercise their franchise!?

After all these decades of neglect, Mumbai need to stand up and take a stance.
  • 70% of Mumbaikars live in slums. Slumdog Billionnaire is the immediate perception of world of Mumbai.
  • The infrastructure is crumbling - no modernisation of critical transportation (incl local train), drinking water, sewage disposal, etc.
  • 26/11 !

If all these will not shake Mumbaikar out of slumber, what will ?

It is question of future of Amchi Mumbai. The choice is ours...

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