Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is just not Cricket -Gavaskar's comments & SRK's reaction

One Australian coach ( Chappel) was our former coach. No comments on the damage done to the dressing room, based on the comments by some of the players in recent past. Of course, he popularized “Six Hats”!
Fellow coach, but now at Knight Riders, wants to try out multiple captains.
Another Australian, Ricky Ponting, is naturally in favour of the idea.
The Australians play cricket differently and they play it ‘real hard’. Naturally, their strategies and tactics differ from the us.
Gavaskar went slightly below the belt by criticizing Buchanan’s effort to generate employment to fellow Queenslanders. These are tough times indeed.
But SRK disappoints yet again ( check my earlier postings). He has every right to strategise with his core team. He has sunk millions to acquire rights. But the game is on the public domain. The passionate cricket lover has every right to question his/his cronies’ ideas. On cricket matters, we value the opinion of Gavaskar, just as we would value SRK’s opinion on matters related to Bollywood cinema. (Only Bollywood, not Bengali/Assamese/Kollywood/Mallu.Of course he made a mockery of a mallu superhit thru ‘Billu Barber’)
To say ‘ he has spent a lot of money in buying the team and would like to run it as he deems fit’ was sad. To say Gavaskar can buy his own team to try out his ideas was the limit. SRK’s ‘ghamand’ was visible there.
This is yet another the proof of damage IPL is bringing to the game of cricket. The money/bollywood, apart from the culture of Mallyas, et al, will only damage the game. Modis & Pawars need to wake up to this threat to this popular game. The former players and experts of the game need to take a stand.


Manav said...

I like this blog and support what you are saying. SRK should shout-up!.

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