Monday, April 27, 2009

Mumbai Indians thrash KKR

  • Sanath-Sachin's burst did not end in a 200 plus score. But, the score was good enough to hand over KKR a 90 + run defeat.
  • Time for KKR management to strategise afresh.
  • As AJ mentioned, KKR has been unfair to Ashish and Bangar, no ordinary players from India. They have no businesss to handle players so unprofessionally. What is use of all strategies, if they can not handle PEOPLE, players ??
  • Alternatively, throw away all strategies and tactics, let the players play to their hearts' content. SRK and Buchanan will be surprised to see the results.
  • I feel bad for the players, esp Dada. Also, others in the team, including the Captain, who himself is struggling at average of 6 runs at IPL-2
  • Captaincy, like LEADERSHIP, is not easy. I feel, Yuvi, McCullum, are struggling. Gilchrist, Shane Warne, Saurav are natural leaders.

GO ON.... Mumbai Indians !

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