Monday, April 13, 2009

How Starbucks Saved My Life by Miahael Gates Gill

Few days ago, I was on the western cost. For a week-long, intense training on Leadership.
Last week end, at Eastern coastal city, on an official visit. After a four-hour drive and couple of meetings, I was exhausted.

Once back in room at Sheraton, I observed there was nothing to read. Hotel had left nothing inside nor did I carry anything. I was in no mood to ask for/read a newspaper either. I ventured out. And, I was glad to know a branch of my favourite bookstall was just next door. . .

As is my habit, I checked out new releases. Nothing stuck a chord. I checked at the counter for my list of books from my cellphone. Again, they had none of the books. Not even, Malcolm Gladwell's latest. I came back and was again looking at a particular shelf... the same salesmanager came across and suggested a book. I said I had read Eat, Pray and Love. Then, he pulled out another book, HOW STARBUCKS SAVED MY LIFE, perhaps the last copy of the same. I gave a quick glance and decided to go ahead with the acquisition. And, God bless the sales manager.

Some thoughts:

  • The cover and the gist on the back cover got me hooked ( as always, I pick up only those books I get hooked)

  • An inspiring rags to riches story of an Ivy league educated, JWT veteran, who gets his pink slip.

  • He has already messed up his personal life.

  • Ends up as a Partner at Starbucks Cafe, where he meets a black american young lady, his new boss

  • He talks about 'his earlier life' and his new and inspiring life at Starbucks.

Indeed it was 'a wake-up call'

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