Friday, April 17, 2009

How Starbucks Saved My Life by Miahael Gates Gill... contd

Some more inspiring thoughts from the book...
  • page 41-the author regretfully recalls how he had 'consciously or unconsciously derailed his colleague's efforts, as she was an African-American without the education or experience that mattered to him'. How often we come across such people in our professional and personal lives. As managers/leaders, we fail in our responsibility to ensure success and happiness of people around us.
  • Pg 44: Indeed, at a spiritual level, ' WE ALL HANG BY A THREAD FROM THE HAND OF A ANGRY GOD'. Inspiring thought. (But, I firmly God never gets angry)
  • Pg 45: It is a personal struggle for many of us go give up the thought that 'we are unique' and to give up the 'sense of a special place' in the universe'. It could be a sign of sheer ego/complex, very common indeed. ( Of course, at a spiritual level, we all are special...children of God)
  • Pg 53: I am not a fan of Starbucks. But after reading about the culture, I am delighted ! But this was one of the best: at starbucks, nobody ever ordered anyone to do anything. it was always, "would you do me a favour?" Worth emulating!
  • Pg 65: Miss Markham's faith in the little Michael is something we all could do to our children, students( by teachers), family and colleagues. Inspire them with more YOU ARE GREAT!
  • Pg 73: Work is Dignity - if the world accepted this Gandhian philosophy, we would not be in in the middle of this 'depressing' Great Depression-2!
  • Pg 206: This is my take-away from the book, as Crystal said: FOLLOW YOUR HEART. the author felt happiness he had never known before.

Indeed, EVERY DAY IS A LEAP OF FAITH ( pg 207)

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