Friday, August 15, 2008

Dr Singh next PM?

Sonia Gandhi would have surprised many a politician by clearly indicating Dr Singh would be Congress' prime ministerial candidate. It is an unusual announcement, for Congress especially, even before the elections ! Mrs Gandhi has always surprised by her smart moves.

Dr Singh has the image of a 'Mr Clean'. India, known for its brain-power, truly deserves an educated person to be its PM. But, though Dr Singh can not be expected to become a 'politician', we expect him to be an aggressive Leader. For this he need not be a 'politician'. He exhibited some streaks of that right aggression in taking a stand in the nuclear issue, indicating he was willing to risk the survival of his government. He can count on the experienced people and more importantly the young brige, including Rahul Gandhi, Pilot, Scindia, etc.

He needs to be a strong Leader


The Sai Family said...

Dr. Singh is a man of strong principles. He would make an excellent PM if only he is allowed to work, not otherwise. How can we forget the way he turned the Indian economy around? But we need to remember that he did the miracle only because the then PM Narasimha Rao gave him a free hand to effect reforms.

CVS said...

Today Dr Singh and his core team seem to have allowed the land-issue at J&K get out of control. He needs to be more proactive, more decisive and plunge into action, without 'waiting for a free hand' or a go-ahead from lesser mortals around him...That leadership I am waiting for Dr Singh to exhibit