Monday, August 11, 2008

Life at K

11 Aug 08 :

All TV channels went overboard to talk about the fantastic success of Abhinav Bindra ( I am proud of his achievement, as per my earlier posting). After dinner, good old maggi noodles, I kept surfing the channels.

The movie on Star Gold was one of those movies I wanted to see, but had not been able to... The Morning Raga. The story was fantastic. Shabana and all other senior actors did a great job. But the lead pair were not as good. The photography and the choice of location, awesome ! Music was good too. Well narrated...

The main strength of the movie was its story-line. Story of the lady who had to endure the loss of her son and her good friend. Also, the guilt of the 'responsibility' for her friend's death. It was also the story of another ABHI, the lead actor !

We all get stuck with past and find it impossible to overcome it and go forward. Indeed, Master rightly says, FORGET THE PAST, LIVE IN THE PRESENT

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