Sunday, August 10, 2008

With a little help from my friends on NDTV

I had observed the rushes of the program earlier and wanted to see it. Why ?

Aamir is an active blogger !
Amir is a good actor. He is a great artist…
He takes a stand as a responsible citizen
His ensures even his ads clearly has his unique stamp of identity – whether coke and titan earlier.. or titan and Samsung now..
He has the guts to make a film such as Taare Zameer Par

I do not experiment with films, esp in theatres. At home, you can just walk away/switch off if bored. When I checked on T-Z-P among my friends, everyone gave ‘five stars’.
As I sat through the movie, there were so many occasions I struggled to keep my emotions under control. Very few movies have ever made such an impact on me. Hats off to Amir!

The movie captured the struggle of a dyslexic child. Also, that of his family… Just sit back and reflect on our childhood. Every one of us suffers from some form of dyslexia… Only the degree varies. We push our child to be the No.1, a Sachin ( in cricket) or a Hrithik, as Amir rightly said. But, then every child is unique. Every child is actually God’s gift…( till he grows up :))

As one of the panelists said, WE SHOUD DISCOVER OUR CHILD

Interestingly, 15 % of world population suffers from (not disability), but gift of Dyslexia.
Few names of dyslexic people who were lucky to blossom into higher levels of greatness:
Ø Picasso, Beethoven, Da Vinci,
Ø Carl Lewis, Richard Branson, Agatha Christie
Ø Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise.

Indeed, the challenge is to accept, through love/understanding help the child to achieve self confidence… then achievement is automatic.

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