Thursday, May 28, 2009

India among best places to tide over economic crisis: Servcorp survey

According to the Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey India has been ranked as the third most promising country to survive the economic crisis. That is great news... the newly elected Indian parliament should derive some comfort from this. But then, the cabinet should take steps to achieve this ! TO ERADICATE POVERTY
The survey which was conducted in April 2009 over a period of two weeks, was commissioned to understand the current mood, business morale and impact the economic downturn has had on businesses around the world.
Australia has been voted as the best place to be during this recessionary times by international business people, followed by China. (Sadly, the racist attack Indian students is what comes to mind now ! We need to rise above this... )
The third position is held jointly by India and Singapore while Hong Kong and Canada are in the fifth and sixth place respectively.
Interestingly, developing nations have emerged favourites among international businessmen as places which are best placed to tide over the recession as 21 of the 36 countries listed by the Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey are emerging market economies.
As part of the survey, Servcorp asked 7,500 international business people from over 24 nations to identify which nations they believe are surviving the crisis best. That is an interesting opportunity for third world leaders to use this crisis to eradicate poverty and other social ills.

It is all question of Leadership, not just political & admin or at top level only, but across all walks of life and by one & all. Each one of us has a role to play

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