Saturday, May 23, 2009

Royal Challengers storm into final of IPL2

What a dramatic win !
It was a match between former captain of Indian (test) side Anil Kumble Vs current Indian captain (all forms of cricket), Dhoni. While Dhoni started off as one of the favourites of the tournament, Kumble's side was underdog to the core. But then he took over from KP, turned the team upside down and pulled off a series of dramatic wins. His captaincy stood out. He got some Indian youngsters to play at their best, got the best of Kallis, and last but not the least a dream-contri from Taylor. Of course, one of our best, Rahul Dravid was making his valuable contribution, without any fuss, as usual. If cricket is a gentleman's game, then it is thorough gentlemen such as Rahul, Anil, Sachin, VVS, etc make it so.
Apart from his captaincy, it was perhaps Taylors knocks that infused a new life into the team's morale and enthu. Indeed, we all love dogs, slumdogs and underdogs :)
I wonder, the owners of the team would gulp down couple of pegs and regret the past actions/utterances.
Tomorrow is a new is a match between two greats of contemperory cricket-Gilly and Anil. Let the better team win... but my heart and head is with Bangalore Challengers ( despite its owner!)

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