Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IPL2 Semi Final Line Up

the semi final line up is confirmed now, almost.
chennai and delhi, were tournament favourites all along. no surprises here.
hyderabad and bangalore were the worst performers last year. they have scraped thru to the last four, almost. hyderabad put up a good show all along, in spite of few setbacks. they deserve to be in the last four.
bangalore does not miss their high profile, expensive acquisition, captain-KP. Kudos to Kumble, Kallis, Dravid, Taylor, et al. In spite of all the poor handling of the players by the owner, it is good to note bangalore is in semis. It is surprising and a concidence, the owners of delhi, chennai and hyderabad are not prominent bollywood biggies/industrialists. less pressure ??
is that one of the reasons Mumbai is out too ?
SRK, Shilpa, Preity can get back to their own bollywood and continue their valuable contributions.
Cricket may finally triumph, in spite of the prolonged schedule/cheerleaders/highprofile owners/poor handling of players/tough weather/new conditions....

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