Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Congress wins Indian elections

Hats off to Indian voter who made a JAI HO!! out of the Dance of Democracy.
Of course, all the predictions were proven wrong. All the psephologists and experts can re-visit their models ...
By not encouraging the petty leaders who seek only absolute power ( which corrupts absolutely!), the Indian voter exhibited a maturity not seen before.
Mayawati is numbed. Jayalalitha is humbled. Lallu, Paswan is silenced. Left is disseminated. Sharad Pawar, Modi have disappeared !
For God's sake, there were so many PM-aspirants !!!
Congress swept the urban constistuencies. I believe the vote was for Dr Singh and his government. It was also against all the divisive policies of other parties.
I have often written in my earlier postings, we get what we deserve, including our Leaders.
Now the ball is in the Congress (I)'s court. Dr Singh, Sonia, Rahul et al should now deliver. No excuses. We need our own stimulus package. For God's sake, do something about our pathetic infrastructure. Let us get our basics right. Apart from our infra, let us work on our poverty, children, education, and the true Indian Ethos & Values

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