Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bangalore Royal vs Chennai Super

Royal challengers won a good match, against one of the favourites, Chennai Super Kings.
Most of the matches are a fight between my heart Vs my head. Again, while heart wanted MSD team to win, head was with Kumble/Dravid/Kallis! Bangalore played better, and deserved to win, though their batting did not come really good. The difference perhaps was the quality of fielding. As for my favourites, Kumble played well and led from the front, Dravid did not impress. Hope Dravid really fires in other matches to come.

As for the next match, no heart vs head. Both are with amchi Mumbai-Indians. I have some wonderful friends in Rajasthan, and is a great part of India. Like Dravid, a big knock is due from Sachin.
While humble bloggers like myself have been moving on steadily, one 'fakeiplplayer-blog' has hit bigtime! I got on to the bandawagon of followers pretty late though! Shall track it. I had picked up the book, Zoya Factor by Anuja Chouhan for its cricket-related plot and from an ad-exe. While the cricket enthusiasts speculate about the identity, this 'fake' could be someone like 'Zoya"!

*PS : The politicians from these two states, Karnataka and TN are in the limelight, during the India Votes 2009. While Madam Jayalalita ( or Amma !) is tipped to be one of the Kingmakers, Deve Gowda/his son ( who tried to meet Sonia Gandhi clandestinely !!) are trying desperately to be in limelight !

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