Sunday, May 24, 2009

IPL 2 Mega Final

Mega final is on... Bangalore Vs Hyderabad ! Wow, two great teams at IPL2. They deserve to be in the finals, just for the way they played their matches. A true re-surrection of sorts... redemption...
Kumble led from the front and picked up three key wickets of DC.
Gilly was not able to deliver, when it mattered, unlike his counterpart Kumble.
Dravid gave away his wicket, Kallis failed to deliver too.

Royal Bangalore is clearly the favourites even now. They should fight out and go for the win, with a clinical finish... I am enjoying it... commentary by Sunny, Shastri, et al. Expert commentary by AJ on Ndtv has been great. I watch cricket for its strategies, tactics and leadership.

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