Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Cabinet at Delhi

Congress party, UPA, Mrs Gandhi, Dr Singh, Rahul, all have their first test now in their hands - Selection of the Cabinet. All the voters who voted them, and pleasantly surprised them by giving them such a big mandate, will wait for the announcements.

With Karunanidhi and family camping at Delhi, on a day when Tamil Tigers lost their battle at Sri Lanka. What happened to all their crocodile tears? Do not touch Mayawati with even the proverbial pole. . No way, corrupt, incapable leaders given the mattle. We expect the UPA leadership to take a firm stand

The urban voters and young voters having voted them, they will not take anything less than the very best possible team.

The press has got into the guesswork. This will be easier for the channels and press than predicting the outcome of elections :)

Indeed... First Leadership challenge. . . for the core team of UPA. Some suggestions, though not sought!

  1. Give Pranabda a key post like external affairs. Sashi Tharoor as his deputy
  2. Finance ministry needs Montekh singh, commerce with Kamal nath
  3. Home should be with Chidambaram. He still need to deliver to the Mumbaikar, for 26 Nov.
  4. keep clean & non controversial AK Anthony on defense
  5. Lalu is humbled. But for sheer performance, keep railways with him.
  6. No chance agri for Sharad pawar. get a better leader for this most important post, who can touch the lives of millions of our farmers across the country ( we need a visionary of gandhian stature - afterall, india still lives in her villages)
  7. We need professionals to manage sectors such as power, telecom. No politicians here pls. We can not afford any more Sukhrams

To summarise, get qualifiied and committed young leaders also. No slot for corrupt politicians.

Is Dr Singh listening ?

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